Speech Team 2021-2022

Speech season runs mid-November to the

3rd weekend of February.

The 2021-22Team
Team Captain(s): TBA

Co-Captain(s): TBA

Novice members designated by (N)


• Dramatic Duet Acting •

Jenica Francis

Samantha Feather

• Dramatic Interpretation •

Jenica Francis

• Extemporaneous Speaking •


• Humorous Duet Acting •

• Humorous Interpretation •

• Impromptu Speaking •
• Informative Speaking •


• Oratorical Declamation •

Sophie Shaw

• Original Comedy •


• Original Oratory •

Israel Grande


• Performance In the Round (PIR) •


• Poetry Reading•
Eleanor Howell

• Prose Reading •

Michelle Henderson

• Radio Speaking •

Rileigh Wren

• Special Occasion Speaking •

Israel Grande


Coach: Tori Duffin

Coach: Ellen Johnson


IHSA Regional - Freeport High School

3rd Place


1st   Jenica Francis/Samantha Feather - Dramatic Duet Acting
1st  Jenica Francis - Dramatic Interpretation

1st   Sophie Shaw - Oratorical Declamation

2nd  Eleanor Howell - Poetry Reading

4th   Israel Grande - Original Oratory

4th  Michelle Henderson - Prose Reading

4th  Israel Grande - Special Occasion Speaking


 IHSA Sectional - Dekalb High School

2nd  Jenica Francis Dramatic Interpretation 

1st  Jenica Francis, Samantha Feather  Dramatic Duet Acting


IHSA hosted by the IHSA


Jenica Francis Dramatic Interpretation 

Jenica Francis, Samantha Feather  Dramatic Duet Acting