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Event Info and Tickets


Box Office   815-622-3248

Box Office hours are Monday-Friday 3-6pm

1 week prior to showtime.


In order to select your own seats on your

phone you must request desktop mode.

*On Safari -  Click the aA's in the search bar in Safari and click "Request Desktop Website."

*On Chrome - Click the Settings in the bottom right in Chrome and click "Request Desktop Site."

Dec 1               7pm                CMS Play

Dec 2               7pm                CMS Play

Dec 12             7:30pm           SHS Music Concert

Dec 13             7pm                CMS Orchestra Concert

Dec 14             6pm & 7:30pm   CMS Bands Concert

Dec 19             6pm & 7:15pm    CMS Choir Concert

Jan 19              7pm                 YWCA Celebration (No details currently)

Jan 28              1pm-4pm        Centerstage Sneak Peek 

Feb 3               7pm                 Shining Stars

Feb 4               7pm                 Shining Stars

Feb 23             7:30pm            SHS present's Disney's Newsies

Feb 24             7:30pm            SHS present's Disney's Newsies

Feb 25             2pm                 SHS present's Disney's Newsies

March 5           7pm                 SHS/CMS Orchestra

March 6           7:30pm            SHS Band/Choir

March 16         8am-4pm      IHSA Drama Sectionals


April 5             7pm                 Woodlawn Show

April 6             7pm                 Woodlawn Show

April 7             2pm                 Woodlawn Show

April 12           7pm                 Newman Musical

April 13           7pm                 Newman Musical

April 14           2pm                 Newman Musical

April 19           6:30pm            Centerstage Dance Recital

April 21           1pm & 4pm     Centerstage Dance Recital

May 1              7pm                 Muni Band

May 7              6pm & 7:30pm   Lincoln/Jefferson 

May 8              6pm & 7:30pm  Franklin/Washington

May 11            2pm & 7pm        Shelley’s Dance Studio Recital

May 13            7pm                 Senior Awards

May 14            7:30pm            SHS Music

May 15            6pm & 7:30pm   CMS Bands 

May 16            6pm & 7:15pm   CMS Choir Concert  

May 18            1pm & 6pm        Cassie’s Dance Academy Recital

May 31             6:30pm           Woodlawn Dance Recital

June 1             2pm & 6:30pm    Woodlawn Dance  Recital

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