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Italy with TIM
June 5-13, 2024

Thank you for your interest in traveling with me.  Before you click the link for the travel itinerary and pricing please read the following:

1.  This is an adult tour (no one under 21) and not sponsored by the Sterling Public Schools, of which I am an employee.  They have graciously allowed me to use the school email for communication.

2.  Since this is an adult tour, the pace is slower, hotels are closer to town centers, and adult beverages are served with group meals.

3.  Depending on the size of our group, we may, or may not, be added to another group.

4.  Pricing is subject to change.  Once you pay the deposit, however, the price is locked and will not change.  I have been told that some tour prices will change Sept 1.

5. Make sure you look at the add-ons and travel insurance.  This will change your pricing.  Add-ons are the side trips or pasta making class.

6.  Prices are based on 2 people to a room.  There is an added fee for a single room.

7.  You are responsible for getting to the airport.  

8.  Lastly, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at  If I do not know the information I will find out for you.

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